Lutz created the Christmas card of the foundation


That's how the beautiful motif was made

We are very proud to tell you the beautiful story about the origin of this year's Christmas card. Because she has done by no one else than our little great artist Lutz. His art therapist, Diana Gehring ( gave us a look behind the scenes of the very special painting lesson:

"It's Friday afternoon and the ‚Big Ben sound’ of my doorbell announces the arrival of Lutz and his mom. Full of joy, he storms into my practice studio. Everything is as usual, which is important for Lutzi. At the large painting wall a white sheet in DIN A1 format is attached for him.


There is a conversation table in the room with biscuits and tea, and a table to "work". Because every time he arrives, he paints a very big picture with crayons. Themes such as the Titanic, naval battles and construction sites, with huge cranes and many houses, have already emerged there. I watch him in his eager painting process and talk to his mom about their family life. At some point the picture is finished, then cookies and tea are enjoyed, sometimes a book is read and we talk about what makes the six-year-old so busy.

Today I ask him about his new friends in kindergarten, which he can visit for the first time since a few weeks ago. Lutz has already experienced a lot, mostly in hospitals and therapy practices that involve him and his family very heavily. Lutz became very sick at the age of one and a half years. A malignant tumor had manifested itself in his small head and after several operations and a lot of anxiety, his life has been stabilized to this day, including through art therapy. Every 14 days he comes to my office for one hour. Here he experiences peace, relaxation and joy in designing and craft.

Today the idea for a winter picture arose, because it has become very cold outside and we talk about the approaching winter. Lutz wants to paint a snowman. I'll give him a blue sheet, because we can finally see the white, dancing snowflakes only on colored paper, right? With colors from the inkbox and the brush Lutz paints the big belly, the head and a black hat. What is still missing? Oh yeah ... the carrot nose! And the snowman gets a bag. What might be in there? I ask him child-friendly questions and he usually answers them by painting. He trains his fine motor skills and concentration. And by the way, he learns the color mixing. Lutz has a lively imagination, many stories arise when painting or during pottery. Each visit Lutz learns to overcome boundaries and strengthen his self-confidence. We've been seeing each other for three years now and we're looking forward to each other thanks to the support of the Toni Kroos Foundation.“

"Everyone should see this funny snowman," says Lutz, happily singing a winter song. He should have been a thank-you just for Toni, his helpers and of course the donors.

We agree 100% with Lutzi - everyone should see this funny snowman and that's why we decided to have him printed on this year's Christmas card. Thanks to our print house (, who supports us in this nice action and prints the cards f

Every support counts and we are very happy about the many different helpers.


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