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Playful at home

Leopold, the little sunshine, is two years old and is accompanied by the Björn Schulz Foundation and the team of the childrens‘ hospice Sonnenhof. Leopold was born with a lissencephaly, a brain malformation, which causes a global developmental disorder and a strong form of epilepsy.


Due to this malformation Leopold is not able to neither keep his head up independently  nor to move by his own. Leopold visits a physiotherapy several times a week. This is of course quite uncomfortable and tears at his powers, because a weak immune system always appears with it a certain risk.

With a corresponding Galileo device, the little boy is able to complete his daily training  routine at home and through the many repetitions Galileo could help to positively influence his achievements. The device improves the ability to move in a very playful way - a doubling positive effect for Leopold and his family.

We have already received many positive reviews from other families about the Galileo device and therefore the decision to buy one of these training devices for Leopold came very fast. Now the brave little man has access to a self-determined, regular workout  routine at home - in addition to his physical therapy, hoping for progress in his physical development.

A little boy is sitting
We will certainly report soon again from Leopold and

wish the little one a lot of joy during his playful training!


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