Quality of life for ill children

We currently support five institutions – in Cologne, Düsseldorf, Berlin, Viersen and Greifswald – which we would like to show you in greater detail. The five institutions do invaluable work in helping children and young people with life-shortening diseases and acute illness. All these institutions try to provide the best quality of life for the children for as long as possible. 

House with three stars on top

Find out more about the institutions here

A doll is sitting infront of the door

Outpatient Children’s and Young People’s Hospice Service Leuchtturm, Greifswald

Childrens Home

The Children’s Home, Viersen

hospital at night

Children’s Hospital Amsterdamer Strasse, Cologne

building with bright colored walls

Children’s and Young People’s Hospice Regenbogenland, Düsseldorf

House with garden

Children’s Hospice Sonnenhof, Berlin



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