Outpatient Children’s and Young People’s Hospice Service “Leuchtturm”

The aim of this institution is to improve and promote palliative care for children and adolescents with severe or life-shortening illnesses. The Toni Kroos Foundation has been supporting the institution in the implementation of its goals since summer 2019.



This support benefits children and adolescents and their relatives who often experience high levels of stress over many years. Assistance begins when the disease is diagnosed in the hospital and then is continued at home. The volunteers in the outpatient service give the ill child time or take care of siblings. They go on excursions, visit concerts, go to the cinema or just read aloud to their patients. The helpers support the families in their everyday lives and try to relieve the parents. They also look after parents who have lost a child or children or children who have lost their parents. Grief counselling for families and relatives is also offered. For this purpose, there are appropriate places to retreat, to relax, to get some relief or to enjoy some recreational activities.

Two children in wheelchairs

An individual network of regionally based paediatricians and other private-practice medical specialists and clinics, along with (paediatric) nursing services, self-help groups, youth welfare offices and social welfare institutions, childcare centers, funeral homes and various therapists, will also be created.

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