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To know that we have the Toni Kroos Foundation by our side is a great advantage for our daily hospice work for children and young people. Again and again we get an idea of the sometimes difficult situations that families of seriously ill children find themselves in due to the illness of a child. This means often having to do without many common things others are used to, such as the purchase of furniture appropriate to a child’s age or adequate seating. Or when chronically sick children and young people tell us of their dreams of travelling abroad, visiting Disneyland or going to weekly horse-riding therapy, our first thought is often that the Toni Kroos Foundation might be able to help, since Regenbogenland receives assistance from it.



In such situations we immediately ask, “Have you heard of the Toni Kroos Foundation?” Our experience shows that contact with the Foundation, mostly with Claudia Bartz as our contact and the families, is uncomplicated, warm and courteous. The enthusiastic reports from the families show that the focus is on the children as people with their individual needs while not having to justify their concerns or wishes from their parents. Frequently this is something new for the families as this is usually the case with public cost carriers often do not pay for these needs.

family with a little boy

As a centre, Regenbogenland, has been benefiting from the Kroos Foundation’s generosity for three years. For example its support enabled us to renovate our children’s care area and buy a new patient’s bed. All had a wonderful family day – even with Toni Kroos personally – with good food and entertaining activities. Even the children’s brothers and sisters were not forgotten: thanks to the Foundation, they, too, were also able to go on holiday last year. 

The warm and generous manner of the people who work at the Foundation enhance contact with families. For example, the visit by Toni and his wife at our institution was a great experience and a highlight for many. To see great pleasure in the shining faces of the children, their brothers and sisters and even their parents shows the deep gratitude that is due to the Toni Kroos Foundation. We hope to fulfil many more wishes and look forward to continuing this positive cooperation.

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